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      At Southern Smiles, we firmly believe that excellent dental care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of insurance status. Your dental care decisions should be made collaboratively between you and your dentist, free from any constraints.

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      Dental Insurance

      For Those with Insurance:

      If you have dental insurance, that's great! We're here to make the process as seamless as possible. We'll gladly file your insurance claims, keeping you informed about your coverage and helping you maximize your benefits. We can even request pre-treatment estimates to understand what your insurance covers or denies before treatment begins.

      However, we understand that insurance plans can come with limitations, often requiring you to pay more in premiums than you receive in covered benefits. While basic cleanings may be fully covered, we believe you deserve comprehensive preventive care.

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      Southern Smiles Dental Membership Plan

      For those dissatisfied with their insurance coverage, we offer an alternative solution - our Southern Smiles Dental Membership Plan. This plan ensures that you receive the premium preventive care you deserve.
      In-Office Dental Membership Plans: Enjoy the benefits of our membership plan, including savings on treatment.
      Save 10% on memberships when you plan for 2 or more family members!

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      For Everyone, Insured or Not:

      We understand that not everyone has dental insurance. That's why we provide a range of financing options to make dental care affordable:
      Pay as You Go Pricing: Flexible payment options.0% Financing: We offer financing options with no interest.In-Office Dental Membership Plans: Enjoy the benefits of our membership plan, including savings on treatment.CareCredit Financing: Explore financing options through CareCredit.
      Our Southern Smiles Dental Membership Plan is an excellent way for those without insurance to access premium preventive care and save on necessary treatments. There's no waiting period, annual deductible, claims, denials, or pre-existing condition exclusions.
      No matter your insurance status, we're committed to making dental care accessible and affordable for all. Explore our membership plan or financing options to ensure you receive the care you need. Plus, save 10% on memberships when planning for two or more family members.

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      We offer CareCredit Financing to make quality dental care even more accessible. With CareCredit, you can receive the treatments you need without the financial burden. It's a convenient way to manage your healthcare expenses with flexible payment plans. Contact us to learn more and explore how CareCredit can help you achieve your dental goals.

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